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The technical committee of eSLOG carries out the development and maintenance of electronic business documents that are established in Slovenia:
- eSLOG 2.0 Purchase Order
- eSLOG 2.0 Order Response
- eSLOG 2.0 Dispatch Advice
- eSLOG 2.0 Invoice
- eSLOG 2.0 Payment Reminder
- eSTOG 2.0 Statement of Account
- eSLOG 2.0 Response to Statement of Account

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia managed to connect the interests and experts of over 100 companies with the eSLOG project and combine them in the preparation and implementation of uniform Slovenian recommendations that enable companies to do business digitally. The holder of the copyright for eSLOG is the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, the development and maintenance of eSLOG standards is carried out by the National eBusiness Center in cooperation with the National eInvoicing Forum and the Association of Informatics and Telecommunications.

The eSLOG Invoice documentation

eSLOG Electronic Invoice 2.0 (the documentation includes instructions, schematics and an example of use)

The eSLOG Dispatch Advice documentation

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